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NMS 1548 Sixth
NMS 1548 Sixth

Luxury Santa Monica Apartments

Receive Up To 8 Weeks Of Free Rent

Sensational. Unrivaled. NMS 1548 Sixth. Our Santa Monica luxury apartments are the gateway to that relaxed coastal lifestyle that makes this city unique. High-end amenities provide an enviable level of comfort. Trendy finishes give our homes a cultured look. And the central location next to quality shopping, Michelin-rated restaurants, and the iconic Santa Monica Pier makes the whole neighborhood your playground.

This is the home you deserve, so find the perfect one or two-bedroom apartment to rent and embrace the beach-centric lifestyle you worked hard for!

Every Comfort Considered

Smart space is designed for the way you live.
That means providing an extraordinary level of privacy, security and serenity.

Spacious Floor Plans

Easily determine what apartment is right for you and your family. So you can start thinking on how you’ll arrange your furniture.

Modern Amenities

We’re pleased to offer you a full service apartment experience at our communities. Our residents love living here!

Natural Light

Oversized windows let in the light and double panes keep things cool.


Fruitful gardens and trails

Overlooking the River, encircled by beautiful trails, parks and waterfalls. Chancellor Properties is a breath of fresh air in this natural landscape away but not far from it all.

At the heart of it all

Uniquely glamorous neighborhood. The building presents the opportunity to make a home among the parks, plazas and cultural landmarks of a legendary part of the city.


Bike tours, movies and more!

Great Dining

See a list of near by restaurants


Close to the mall and everything else!

Want to see it for yourself?

Our residents love living here