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NMS 1548 Sixth
NMS 1548 Sixth

3 Tips To Make The Most Out Of ICE at Santa Monica This Winter

3 Tips To Make The Most Out Of ICE at Santa Monica This Winter

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Want to move from sunbathing to ice skating within the heart of Santa Monica within minutes? While it sounds a bit unrealistic, there is a cool winter escape at the ICE at Santa Monica that’s open from early November to mid-January. This is a widely popular 8,000 square foot outdoor ice ring that encompasses the corner of Arizona Avenue and Fifth Street. 

While it’s normally a black surface parking lot, locals can watch the area literally be transformed into a magical skating rink, where patrons can glide over the ice beneath blue skies and sunshine. It’s a sheer treat right across the way from the Pacific Ocean. 

At night, visitors can experience the twinkling lights and decorated evergreens while sipping on hot chocolate and enjoying snacks from the concession area. From there, let's skate into three tips to make the most of your experience here. 

1. Check Out the Broomball Stick Games 

Broomball games are an exciting way to spend some time at ICE at Santa Monica. Watch and cheer on players hitting a ball across the ice with a stick. Sometimes, an actual broom will be used, while other teams may use a stick with a paddle-shaped end. The outdoor balls have ridges that look like a small soccer ball, and players score points by hitting it into a soccer-style net. 

2. Take Ice Skating Lessons and Blaze the Rink 

There are lessons available from skating pros at ICE at Santa Monica that are very reasonably priced and are a bit closer to home for locals who don’t want to trek to Rockefeller Center. Private or group lessons from the Randy Gardner School of Skating are offered. Skates are included with the cost of each lesson, making the experience one that is streamlined for new students. Of course, one can bring their own skates as long as they are in compliance with the rink’s rules and regulations. 

3. Host a Party at Ice at Santa Monica 

Private parties at the rink are nothing less than exceptional. Hosts can rent a private cabana during the season. Guests can participate in the fun skating and dining from the concession stand or indulge in private catering. On Sundays, there is often a free musical performance going on, which only adds to the ambiance of the holiday season. 

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